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Welcome to Ridgeland Mississippi, where warm weather throughout the year creates the perfect place to retreat to luxury. From beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi swampland, to state parks and ancestral remains, these must-see attractions will add fun and flavor to your vacation. The zoo also has some fun events all year round, be sure to check out the events calendar! From the Mississippi to the beautiful beaches of the Gulf Coast, from the Gulf of Mexico to the beautiful beaches of Florida, our state is full of activities, attractions and experiences.

The museum in Hattiesburg, MS, USAThe museum contains hundreds of artifacts, photos and tributes to our soldiers, including the remains of U.S. soldiers from the Civil War and World War II. In honor of those who died defending our country, the War Memorial Building is filled with photos of battles fought by Mississippi residents until 1768. The site is also marked by a 1976 Lincoln that was donated to the museum by the late President of the United States, Elvis Presley Jr. and his wife. Guests can also visit the Delta Blues Museum in Tupelo to learn more about the music genre.

A visit to this well-preserved house will allow you to learn about the President of the Confederates, visit his library and visit the Confederate Military Cemetery on the grounds. Walk through the accredited American Rose Garden at the Mississippi State Capitol in Hattiesburg, MS, USA.

The old Capitol has served as the state capital for over 100 years, from its original use as a hospital and home to its current home. Visit the historic building and his home on the grounds of the Mississippi State Capitol in Hattiesburg.

Known for its unique design with an onion-shaped dome, this is a palatial site that embodies the antebellum charm of Mississippi. As home to the Craftsmen's Guild in Mississippi, it's immediately remembered as home to the Southern Highland Craft Guild.

The guild is made up of Mississippi artisans from across the state, and many also sell their creations at the gift shop, which is open seven days a week. The center is dedicated to educating and exhibiting the craftsmen and women who created the works that are especially found in Mississippi and the southern region of America. At the Southern Highland Craft Guild Craft Center in Ridgeland, Mississippi, you can see hundreds of home-made "American" crafts. Stroll through the center to see over a hundred homemade American crafts, as well as a variety of other Mississippi crafts including pottery, woodworking, ceramics, jewelry and more.

The Great River Road runs along the winding Mississippi River along the entire length of the United States, and anyone in the Magnolia State will not miss this ride. See a variety of wildlife, including birds, birds of prey and other animals, as well as wildlife from around the country.

The fastest way to get to the Jackson mansion is by driving along the roughly 1.5-mile Great River Road. The journey takes about 1 hour and 49 minutes, and parking spaces for the trail are available at the entrance. Alternatively, you can take the Mississippi River Trail, a 2.4-mile trail that is about 1 mile long and 1 mile wide.

A nearby stop for art lovers is Prickly Hippie, which boasts cacti and coffee cakes. It is also the only craft beer store in the city where the SIA goes out and buys Mississippi brews. Zea's is also one of the best bars in Ridgeland, with a wide selection of craft beers, wines and spirits as well as food.

Of course, the reservoir has many free and inexpensive activities to offer its visitors, including fishing, hiking and cycling. Fishing is available at Broadwater Marina in Biloxi, which offers stunning views of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.

If you just need to get out of the house, you can drop by Deep South Pops and treat yourself to some sweet treats under the shade of a tree or on a hot summer day. With sweets made from Mississippi ingredients, they offer visitors and Jackson residents a great way to cool off from the Southern heat and relax with a cup of hot chocolate or hot dog.

A complimentary buffet breakfast is served each morning while staying at Residence Inn hotels, including in Ridgeland, Mississippi. When we stayed at one of their properties (including this one) in Jackson, Shae and I took advantage of this by taking a trip to the Mississippi State Fair, the state's biggest sporting event. Both Jackson and Ridgseland are excellent values, especially if you take the hotel room option (which turns out to be even cheaper if you check the cost section later). We actually stayed at the Residences Inn for a few days while we were in Rid, which is north of Jackson.

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