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Local musicians share their most in-demand songs and put together a Ridgeland Mississippi Tunes Spotify playlist for your enjoyment. Rita Brent, a Jackson native and comedian, signed with an entertainment agency seven months ago and left Mississippi to pursue her career in New York. Using her social media presence, she released a new song, "Quarantine Shuffle," announced the booking of a virtual comedy show and launched a donation-based talk show. Hill started performing live on the Venmo app at the age of 7 and has been streaming live ever since.

You can find high quality new and used guitars and accessories, sign up for lessons and learn how to play your new purchases. First of all, there is a full selection of guitars, amplifiers and other guitar accessories to buy. They also offer piano lessons, so you can sign up for lessons to learn a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, cello, bass, mandolin and more.

The three-day festival requires extensive planning, so check out the Pelican's events calendar on its website and stay in touch on Facebook to see who plays when. Stolle said, "We are coordinating with the Mississippi Music Festival and other music festivals in the region, as well as other festivals and events.

Rhonda runs the company's 401 (k) benefit program and often drives to the store to shop. Hill, who relies on a cheque from her employer for her pension, said: "It's scary not being able to plan for the long term.

So we just have to release this gift and it will be fruitful, "she said. Through the offer of violin and viola lessons, their students benefit from an accomplished musician who also enjoys teaching passionately. They love the personalized, one - on - one instruction they receive and all they need is practice to learn to sing or play an instrument.

They take their music school seriously and concentrate on providing an experience that children love and from which they can learn. They focus on music lessons that help students cultivate their own unique style and present what they have learned through live studio performances.

They offer a variety of monthly lessons that give you the opportunity to set dates and budgets. It's easy to get into the groove with the MBC, and it's free for all students, regardless of age or income level.

A music suite that gives every aspiring musician the feeling of being an aspiring star. You are never too young to cultivate your love of music, and this place is the perfect place to let your little ones find their burgeoning passion.

CD Hagan has always been a great place to be involved in the school's band program, and Duncan himself has shown that he is on the right track and that it is a meaningful experience. He has been teaching fourth-graders for four years and is currently teaching seniors English and creative writing.

Chris Barker's grandfather played the piano and made sure his grandchildren had a piano at home and the opportunity to take lessons. He grew up in a small town in Mississippi, attended Millsaps College from 1969 to 1971 and graduated from Rhodes College (then Southwestern Memphis) in 1973.

After hearing concerns from his family, Brent and his partner Freda Clark packed up their belongings and headed south. He asked a few questions of an old tuner, read a book and was soon hired by a music store.

So they created a coffee shop where friendly baristas help ordinary people discover their perfect coffee without getting confused by language and high prices. The own burger menu allows you to choose from a long menu of twelve specialty burgers, from garden burgers to vegan and gluten-free burgers. Opened in 2003, the locally owned restaurant also serves a variety of sandwiches and salads, as well as breakfast and lunch.

With live music seven days a week, Pelican offers a continuous stream of local and regional talent. Known for its good food and music, Kathryn's has been a popular eatery for over 25 years. With live music on most evenings, there is something for everyone, from local musicians to local artists and some international acts.

Rhonda Beleck feels like one of the few people who has met all the employees of the four Mississippi Music locations. Kitching participated in the Yard War, the largest civil rights movement in Mississippi since the Civil War. The Yard War is about the racism that has been ingrained in Mississippi society since 1964, but it also celebrates much that is unique and amazing about our culture, including our history, the history of slavery, the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, and the fight for equal rights for all people.

The Mississippi Blues Trail was founded in 2003 and the mark honors the places and people who created the blues. This is the best place in the state to take your piano, guitar or voice to a new level.

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