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Nestled in the Deep South, the vibrant small town of Ridgeland, Mississippi is full of fabulous surprises for those who have their preconceived notions of the Mississippi Delta as a place best known for its rich history, rich cuisine and rich culture. Whether a seaside resort or a commercial city - RidGeland brings a fresh, urban feeling to the soul of southern life. So why is it in a basket, even by local US hands, or even alone?

Ridgeland is not only perfect for a sweet iced tea on a veranda swing, but also for active travelers who want outdoor activities mixed with some of the best chefs in the South opening their business in this luxurious city. In addition to daily plate specialties, Georgia Blue offers a menu with a variety of freshly prepared options including chicken, pork, beef, lamb and pork ribs. The restaurant also features a fried chicken club, which offers an extensive selection of chicken sandwiches, chicken wings and chicken and waffles. This includes a grilled chicken sandwich with chicken breast, brisket, ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and a side of chips.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu, which includes traditional starters such as the popular veal saltimbocca and special pizzas, including the carnivore, which is rightly called a carnivore. The classic French bistro, Restaurant Anjou, run by the chef and owner Anne-Marie Broussard and her husband, is one of the most popular restaurants in Ridgeland, and popular with locals and tourists alike. The most popular dishes include blackened redfish with black olives, red onions, black pepper and garlic sauce, and bolognese with a side of cheese.

The only thing you can find on the menu is just in case the fried chicken, and you can share it with a side of chips just to round off your menu. For picky eaters, there is grilled redfish with black olives, red onions, black pepper and garlic sauce or bolognese with red onions and cheese.

The nibbles of fried catfish we enjoyed provided the latte for all the other fried fish we tasted, and we were treated to pleasures like hoisin tuna, plums and avocado that could have been a meal before we sank into the charred oysters. My favourite bite was pork chops with red onions, black pepper and garlic sauce, which I was (and always will be) a carnivorous girl. The elegant restaurant that other restaurants offer is filled with your own coffee in a local harbor, Primo's the perfect jive for an early breakfast or brunch.

The atmosphere leads to a cozy meal while the food pushes the boundaries of casual dining while maintaining a price that is just right for a casual dinner in the heart of downtown Jackson. You could treat yourself to one of the delicious steaks - steaks you'll find in any restaurant, but you're in luck, as Rooster's in Fondren has a whole range of restaurants to choose from.

The Spring is possibly the only coffee house in the world with a Sukkotash menu, and the dough is rolled out from scratch. The corn shells - wrapped turkey tamales - are so delicious that every restaurant in Mississippi buys them to serve its own guests.

The Pizza Shack offers Jackson a culinary brew that will surely pique the interest of any cake lover. One Guy's Steak & Chicken goes beyond the standard and offers a gourmet food truck experience. This restaurant has received several Best in Jackson awards over the years, as well as a number of awards from the Mississippi Restaurant and Lodging Association.

Iron Horse Grill is a repeat winner and finalist for Best in Jackson, and with so many alternatives, it really speaks to Amerigo's ability to maintain its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the state of Mississippi. The diversity is due to the success of the brand, many of which have been named "Best of Jackson" and are available at various locations. Traditional sitting - Sitting down, live music and a variety of other food and a wide selection of drinks.

Gumbo Girl is best known for its scratch-resistant gumbo, and the menu features a Cajun pot with a spicy, spiced turkey neck. The menu includes chili - grated cowboy ribeye and a variety of other dishes, as well as a wide selection of drinks and cocktails. Surin's popular menu includes chicken wings, shrimps and grits, chicken and crayfish and many other options.

You can put more of your budget into a Ridgeland gift basket filled with gourmet food and gifts from Mississippi. You can consider a Christmas gift for yourself or a family member, friend or work colleague, or put everything in a gift bag for a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding, birthday or other special event, and you can also order online gifts for Ridgseland and basket for many international cities and RidGeland deliveries.

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More About Ridgeland